What is this and why do it?

Even at my very FIRST market, several people asked me 'How do you find these'? At the time, it was only a "this" for me, and had no idea how to guide anyone. So, I began to learn so that I could help others. Art accessibility, to me, isn't just about price. It's about the artists being able to create the art without starving themselves, and for them and their audience to find each other. It's about sharing, community, building each other up, and helping them connect with others.
Without the artist, there is no art...which makes art not accessible.
Without the space to show work, artists and the audience can't connect... which makes art not accessible.

How it started

This is the first iteration of me collecting event information, dates, locations, vendor fees, etc etc etc. I love spreadsheets, but I learned that it wasn't something other people wanted to participate in editing or contributing to. I think I had WAY too many categories to fill in!
If you want to see the document click here.

Who am I?

Hey everyone! My name is Krista aka strangeinnatureI am an artist here in Seattle (originally from Ga). I graduated in 2017 with my undergrad from SCAD in Graphic Design with a printmaking subfocus. I've been drawing since my earliest memories, creating websites in various browsers with different platforms since I was 11 (creating Gorillaz fan sites in Geocities & Angelfire), and doing graphic design since before I knew what that even was, thanks to Neopets. I myself am new to markets, but I love to learn and share what I know, so that's where this comes from.

I also run the #seapoleproject where I put free art on electric poles throughout the city. If you'd like to join in check out www.seapoleproject.com . There are also free resource downloads to help you get started. Both of these projects stem from one of my core values, which is 'art accessibility'. I know I don't catch everything, and I'm really sorry for that. I do my very best! If there's something urgent, feel free to reach out.

Finally, if you ever see me out & about somewhere, please say hi 👋