Tips & AdvICE


Gallery Commission/Art Release Forms:

If you are hanging your work at a gallery, or a business (coffee shop, restaurant, etc) it's important to fill out (digitally or physically) a gallery commissions form. These forms protect both parties from any confusion upon sales. Never show your work at a gallery or anywhere that doesn't require one! They can screw you over real bad and you would have no proof of what they owe you. 







Tips on knowing if a market is 'right' for you

When it comes to choosing a market, I know it's easy to look at the vendor fees and make a determination, but more me it's a lot deeper than that. I also consider things like: 



Tips on Finding Markets

How do I find art calls?   

Algorithms! Seriously. I knew the way advertising works on many social media sites and with Google has to do with the searches you make, as well as the things you like and share. 

Try it for yourself! Here are some things to search for with their corresponding platform. 

Instagram: (also helps to 'follow' these tags)
#seattleartcall #callforartseattle #seattleartscene #seattleartwalk 

Seattle Art Walks, Seattle Open Calls, PNW Open Calls, PNW art opportunities



The 'living' document that started it all

 The first iteration of me collecting event information, dates, locations, vendor fees, etc etc etc. I love spreadsheets, but I learned that it wasn't something other people wanted to participate in editing or contributing to. I think I had WAY too many categories to fill in! If you wanna see the document