Hey everyone! My name is Krista aka strangeinnature
I am an artist here in Seattle (originally from Ga). I graduated in 2017 with my undergrad from SCAD in Graphic Design with a printmaking subfocus. I've been drawing since my earliest memories, creating websites in various browsers with different platforms since I was 11  (creating Gorillaz fan sites in Geocities & Angelfire), and doing graphic design since before I knew what that even was, thanks to Neopets.  I myself am new to markets, but I love to learn and share what I know, so that's where this comes from. 

I also run the #seapoleproject where I put free art on electric poles throughout the city. If you'd like to join in check out . There are also free resource downloads to help you get started.  Both of these projects stem from one of my core values, which is 'art accessibility'. I know I don't catch everything, and I'm really sorry for that. I do my very best! If there's something urgent, feel free to reach out.

Finally, if you ever see me out & about somewhere, please say hi 👋

I didn't share an event? There might be a reason for that: