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I hope this proves to be a helpful resource beyond just the Instagram account I've been using to repost events. 

This is the area I cover in my reposts ⤵️

Why do this?
Even at my very FIRST market, several people asked me 'How do you find these'? At the time, it was only a "this" for me, and had no idea how to guide anyone. So, I began to learn so that I could help others. Art accessibility, to me, isn't just about price. It's about the artists being able to create the art without starving themselves, and for them and their audience to find each other. It's about sharing, community, building each other up, and helping them connect with others.
Without the artist, there is no art...which makes art not accessible.
Without the space to show work, artists and the audience can't connect... which makes art not accessible. 

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