I didn't share your event? There might be a reason for that:

I do not share markets/art calls/etc that only accept forms of payment from the vendors via their own personal Venmo/Cash App accounts. It is especially a red flag if they refuse to accept Paypal Goods and Services, but if there are enough safe alternative options for the vendor to get their fees refunded, just in case, then I will share it. This is to help protect other artists and creatives from potential scams.

You don't know where your event is going to be/haven't rented a space/ etc.

The event is something like Renegade Craft - Seattle with (in my opinion) outrageous & out-of-touch vending fees that are sometimes higher than the artist's rent.

Your organization or the venue is associated with anything hateful, or someone associated with your organization / the venue is unsafe to the community. I take all complaints seriously and will use my discretion to decide, erring on the side of the victims.

I am familiar with other events at the location you're hosting, and your vending fees are a lot higher for this particular event without a justifiable reason.
I.e. if a venue has a market that's $30 for vending fees, and then the next week it's $80 (with no change in hours it runs, etc), I'm going to ask you WHY. If you are not cool with me asking so that I can relay that information to the community then I'm going to assume you're just being predatory with your vending fees. I am not representing only my interests as an autistic artist whose income solely relies on their business but as an entire community of artists with all kinds of needs/incomes/levels of familiarity with market scenes.

I am only one person, and I miss things sometimes
A LOT. I'm also running my own small business, the seapoleproject, and this page/IG. The latter two are personal community-based projects :)

You are hosting an event in a park without permits or some kind of acknowledgment of the vendors paying city taxes or otherwise owning an LLC. I don't want artists being kicked out of a city park or anything stressful like that.

Your event supports AI art.