Art Market Supplies - Free Checklist

A simple checklist to help you prepare for a market / walk / etc.


What's this about?

Let's face it, even on the best day markets & walks can be overwhelming.

So, I made a checklist for vendors who may need a little reminder now and then on what to bring on the day of the big event.

You are welcome to right-click and save the two images, or you can follow this download link to get a ZIP of the checklist in various printable forms, including an editable one for your own editing needs.

If you think something should be added to the list that would be beneficial, please reach out here and I will 100% add it and give you credit.

be safe out there, and stay strange!

Krista O'Halpin

Page 1 of the check list
Page 1 of the check list
Page 2 of the checklist
Page 2 of the checklist